We can change the world – one little piece at a time. And that’s fun, it’s meaningful, and the sense of vitality it gives us makes even the most complex of challenges a light task. That’s the sense of ease SYSTEMICS PCM™ Coaching imparts on its practitioners.

The high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in PCM™ Coaching make our work enjoyable and successful. We are continuously being tested by our quality board, and one of our most important reference points is: “How are our coaches doing? Are they efficient? Effective?”

Principal Coach

Carl E Gross Psychologist, member of the Association of German Psychologists (BDP) since 1974, SYSTEMICS PCM™ founder

Supervisor Coach

Cornelia Wolter SYSTEMICS PCM™ Coach, Supervisor, personal development and crisis intervention coach 

Instructor Coach

Benjamin Gross SYSTEMICS PCM™ Coach, business development & start-up consulting, personnel management

Weitere PCM Master Coaches


Cornelia Witthuhn
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, Personal- und Organisations-entwicklung, Outplacement

Doris Kleinfeldt
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, career coaching, burnout prevention

Dr. Brigitte Freiburghaus
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, price coaching, consultant for start-ups

Ursula Bremer-Engels
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, health-at-work expert, creative workshops

Mario W. Herrmann
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, Dipl.-Ing., mentoring, burnout prevention, anti-stress-coaching

Sigrid Wassermeyer
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, family therapist, neurosystemic ‘Aufstellung’

Christine R. Meißner
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, motivational coaching, education specialist

Dr. Thomas Dombrowski
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, HR and personnel development specialist, restructuring

Uwe R. Bremer
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, personnel management

Petra Altenstraßer
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, nutrition expert

Dr. Karl-Heinz Becker
SYSTEMICS PCM™ Master Coach, Dipl.-Psych.