The opportunity for continuous development and optimization

Supervision is a tool for reflecting on our actions and our professional behavior as coaches on a path of continual optimization. The goal, especially for new coaches, is to improve skills and self-confidence, to critically check our own attitudes and perhaps correct some of them, to discover and overcome personal insecurities, to learn new techniques etc. SYSTEMICS™ ACADEMY offers supervision in four types of situations.


We have regular “little” supervision groups with a maximum of 10 participants, in which SYSTEMICS PCM™ coaches discuss and reflect actual cases, allowing them to further develop their skills and competencies.


Every course we teach is assigned a supervisor. From the very beginning this fosters self-reflection, a good learning atmosphere, and supports the coaches’ development with regular practical work, for example by role playing coaching situations.


Every 3 months we organize a “big” coaching community event to keep our community of coaches abreast of new developments, of improvements for the coaching tool TURBO2™, and to engage in practical exercises, case studies and supervision in small groups.


One-on-one supervision per request. This type of supervision furthers the ability to reflect on one’s own themes, as as well as supporting each coach in the critical development work of discovering his or her own coaching style, a style in harmony with the coach’s personality.