Do you want to ...

  • retain your best of your work force?
  • train and educate future leaders?
  • improve the level of communicative competencies in your company?
  • motivate other with your vision and values?

... get to know SYSTEMICS™ Mentoring

Join our free-of-charge informative events to learn about the practical implementation of mentoring programs in companies of various sizes and in various industries.

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We support companies in transferring their experience, vision, and values to the next generation of leaders, in cultivating and educating high potentials and in increasing the productivity of their teams through intrinsic motivation.


Does your company have an existing mentoring program? If not, SYSTEMICS™ will facilitate the organizational process, answer your questions and form a Key Initiative Team for decision making and implementation.


For companies with existing mentoring programs, we offer a special course that enables mentors to use the highest standard communication tools, which will enhance their mentoring experience and multiply their successes.


How a mentor can support a mentee: Knowledge transfer, develop and foster personal strengths, improve the efficiency of learning processes, broaden perspectives, show the mentee his/her development potential.