For over 10 years the SYSTEMICS ACADEMY has been educating coaches. Experienced coaches benefit from the ease which TURBO2 bring to coaching. Participants from other walks of life benefit from the opportunity of learning how to apply high quality communication tool in situations which require some form of consulting.

The communicative strategy tool TURBO2™ is used in employee appraisal interviews, in company internal mentoring programs, by consultants, educators, doctors, physiotherapists, parents and all those who care about supporting others in their plans and goals – providing strength for those who need it.

Our three-day introduction seminar offers an easy entry into the TURBO2™ world. To maintain high quality standards, we learn in small groups. The complete education towards achieving PCM™ Master Coach status usually takes about 18 to 24 months.

The courses are taught by specially trained instructor coaches and are under the continuous supervision of the quality board.

Your Benefits


Improve the efficiency of your communication style in consulting situations


Learn to use a precise tool which can be combined with other methods of coaching


Improve your reflective skills, strategic dialogue skills and leadership skills


Learn in small groups


Participants enjoy a high ratio of practical exercises


Immediately apply what you’ve learnt, both at work and in private

We offer ...

SYSTEMICS™ ACADEMY offers a three-step qualification completed at Master Coach level, as well as mentoring programs and supervision.