Quality Assurance

At SYSTEMICS™, quality assurance is a critical success factor. Three key components of our quality assurance are our quality board, continued self reflection in regular supervision, and critical feedback from our community of coaches.


Quality Board

Members of the quality board are: Dr. Brigitte van Lin-Winchenbach, Dr. Thomas Dombrowski, Dr. Frauke Gross und Dr. Wedigo de Vivanco. The founder of the SYSTEMICS PCM™ Method, psychologist Carl E Gross, also supports the quality board. The board’s main responsibilities are the further development and result verification of our method as well as ensuring that our qualifications and seminars are always in line with the latest insights from the field of neuro-sciences.



Supervision is a tool for reflecting on our actions and our professional behavior as coaches on a path of continual optimization. The goal, especially for new coaches, is to improve skills and self-confidence, to critically check our own attitudes and perhaps correct some of them, to discover and overcome personal insecurities, to learn new techniques etc. SYSTEMICS™ ACADEMY offers four types of supervision.

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The development of our constantly growing SYSTEMICS PCM™ Community of Coaches is one of the most important missions of our academy. The network of members of our supervision and community events actively supports a lively exchange of knowledge and ideas. This keeps our system and our brains in motion. It also functions as a self-regulating quality control mechanism.