Our Method

Our Method

SYSTEMICS PCM™ Coaching has achieved and integration of systemic consulting practices with the insights gained from the latest neurobiological  research. This specially developed method is fast, effective and sustainable.

The Essence

The Coaching Tool TURBO2™ is based on a wealth of experience in the realm of coaching, consulting, mediation and supervision as well as on a modern scientific understanding of neuroplasticity, learning cycles, neurological structures and processes, etc.


New insights into the biochemical processes and the structures of the brain have inspired new ways of thinking about the brain. The until recently popular comparison of brains and computers is outdated. A computer is hard-wired, whereas brains are continuously self-creating.

Systemic Consulting:

Systemic consulting gives us a high degree of power over our self management, accesses resources and focuses on the solutions we carry within ourselves. Some of the founders of this approach are: Virginia Satir, Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg, Uwe Grau, Paul Watzlawick.


Our can-do attitude towards coaching allows people to focus on the positive side of their mental assets. Reinvigorating relevant success experiences allows us to create new, positive habits and behaviors.

It allows you to influence previously involuntary reaction patterns and thereby to take the step from involuntary mental reflexes to voluntary activity and choice.

PCM stands for for “personal change management”: confident, self-guided management of personal change. Our coaches fulfill the role of facilitators, those who “make things possible”.

Those who “make change happen” are the coachees themselves. The core module of PCM™ Coaching is the coaching tool TURBO2™.  Read more about it here.